Changing non-editor font size

I am running Joplin 1.0.193 on Linux.

With one of the latest upgrades, the “Global Zoom Factor” (not exactly sure about the name) was removed, so that all non-editor text is now really small on my laptop (my editor font size is at 20 and I believe the global zoom was at 130 to have them similarly sized).

If this was an intentional change, how are we supposed to change font size outside the editor now?

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View > Zoom In or CTRL + =

EDIT: As this works slightly differently from the old global zoom you may need to drop your editor font size back down to a smaller value to bring them in line (12 works for me).

Thanks a lot. The proportions feel a bit different but if that's the way to go, I can certainly live with it. :slight_smile: