Changed from Nextcloud to Dropbox, now everytime I save it keeps synchronizing everything from scratch, taking a lot of time


Joplin 1.0.216 (prod, win32) - Windows10

Client ID: 88172fdc238748cabba691cc30d18a14
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 29

Revision: 4eb680d6 (master)

I have hundreds of notes, most of them with images. Until today I was using it with Nextcloud and today I decided to switch to Dropbox.

The Dropbox folder is already the same size as the Nextcloud folder. But, even it already having full synchronization, everytime I hit save or that it does automatic Synchronization, it synchronizes everything again, taking a lot of time, even for tiny changes (or no changes at all).


How can I solve this?

Dropbox Selective Sync:
I already disabled the Joplin folder with the Dropbox Client’s Selective Sync, so it exists in only one place.

It needs to run a complete uninterrupted sync after you’ve switched to Dropbox, so most likely you just needed to let it finish to completion.

And if that doesn’t work please attach the log, or check inside for any error.

I left my computer ON during the night and now everything is ok. I can see in the logs that it was struggling with the Dropbox Auth header and suddenly it worked and synced correctly.

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