Dropbox synchronization takes forever, fetches too many files

Versions used: Joplin 2.12.3 on Android 13 and Joplin 2.9.17 on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04).

I am using Joplin with Dropbox synchronization. According to the app status, I have 452 notes. However, I have 3666 files in my Dropbox folder. I assume these are some sort of incremental diff files, which are needed to sync between devices in different sync states.

The problem is that every time I install Joplin on a new mobile device (android) or computer (linux), it takes such a looong time to synchronize (specially on mobile data), and it gets worse over time. Even when it's a device I haven't used in a long time.

When I install Joplin on a new device, all I want is the latest version of my notes, I don't care about every little change, I don't even use the history feature AT ALL. I see diff files which are more than 3 years old for notes I don't even use anymore. I tried disabling history but nothing happens.

MY QUESTION: Is there a way, even if I have to do some manual housekeeping from time to time, that I can consolidate my notes into the latest version, so that every new device I use doesn't have to sync every little change since the beginning of time?

I understand the app's behaviour, I am not saying it is a bug or anything, but can it be optimized in order to minimize the number of diff files as much as possible (both stored in Dropbox and required to sync over the internet)?

Any workaround would do. Maybe export a snapshot to JEX file, then import to the new device? Does it get any better with Joplin Cloud?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Dropbox throttles the connection so it is slow (but it is free). In terms of performance Joplin Server or Cloud are indeed better. I think even self-hosted Nextcloud is faster because it won't be throttled (since you'd be hosting it yourself).

Thank you for the quick response. Well I am subscribed to Dropbox Plus, so it's definitely not free for me. I am not sure about throttling when using 3rd party apps though.

In lack of a better way, I might try to backup the folder and export all information in different formats, disconnect from Dropbox, then try to import it and sync again.

Might try Joplin Cloud some time too, so I can compare.

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