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I'm new to Joplin, which syncs between Win11 and iPhone iOS, I notice on the Win11 laptop periodic popups from Dropbox notifying me that two files were deleted, even though there was no activity. This is new behavior since I installed and began sync'ing Joplin, these are all in the Joplin temp and locks directories.

I suspect there may be housekeeping going on behind the scenes on Joplin files, either on the Win11 or the iOS devices. Is this happening, and is there any way to avoid it? Or do I turn off the popups showing Dropbox activity?

It sounds like you also have the Dropbox client installed on your system and it is unnecessarily copying all your sync data back into your machine into your Dropbox folder. As it does this it notifies you of any changes when Joplin automatically makes those changes to sync files as it "housekeeps".

Joplin connects directly to Dropbox and so does not even need the Dropbox client to be installed to work. You can go into the settings of your Dropbox client and under the selective sync section, exclude the folder for Joplin (Apps\Joplin ??). The notifications will stop as your Dropbox client on your laptop will no longer be monitoring that folder on the Dropbox server.


Thanks... your solution worked like a charm!!


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