Joplin Cloud Sync problems started yesterday

I have been having sync problem since yesterday with 3 different platforms.
I use the Joplin Cloud, two win11 pc's, 1 android phone.
Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, win32)

Starting yesterday the sync takes forever and eventually I sometimes get this msg:

Completed: 06/14/2022 3:53 PM (361s)
Last error: Error: Error 504 Gateway Timeout: 504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out

nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)

Is anyone else having sync issues with Joplin Cloud?

There have been some performance issues on Joplin Cloud since yesterday, but now it seems to be fine. I'm monitoring the service though just to be sure, and if you notice anything feel free to post here.

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I has same problem this morning, around 9AM CST for about an hour.

I also had problems of this type since yesterday morning but it seems to be better this evening...

I've had a problem for the last 11 hours or so. Doesn't sync.

8 hours later: Everything righted itself. Syncing is back to working fast.

I was wrong. This morning I noticed on my android tablet some stuff wasn't synced. And checked my Windows machine and found it looping through attempting to sync, but not connecting to server / gateway. I fully closed the app, then restarted and then it was able to sync properly. Not sure if the problems are over, but they are not occurring now on any of my machines.

I had this issue as well - I think it's some problem with how the app handles timeout and not something specific to Joplin Cloud, in the sense that it could happen with any service that is temporarily down. I'll look into it.

Joplin Cloud metrics are fine at the moment so performance issues should not be a problem. I might move to a larger database instance to give the server some breathing space.

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