Add capability of adding folder to "notebook list" and editing/viewing markdown file in the folder

In some case, Joplin could be an offline markdown viewer and editor.
Adding folder to notebook list, viewing single .md file as a note.

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What is in your opinion the difference with subnotebook?

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I think they are asking for the functionality to use Joplin as a markdown viewer/editor of existing .md files - as you would with a decent text editor. I think this is the way Obsidian and QOwnNotes works i.e. you work within a location or set of locations with actual .md files rather than storing them in the database.
I personally have no use for it, I would rather just use an actual text editor if I wanted to edit .md files but not make them become part of my actual Joplin syncing "profile" but I can sort of understand why it might be desired.
I wonder if it is possible to use the plugin system and data API to create such a thing. e.g. You use something similar to Hotfolder Plugin to "load" notes into joplin. Edit them within Joplin then, when commanded, have Joplin/Plugin export the files back out as .md files to the original "load" fiolder under the original file names, overwriting the existing ones.

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actual markdown editor is an option but not convenient, and further more, in my description, it is possible to search markdown in offline .md files and notes in joplin. This is what actually what I want --- the search function of markdown.
why I do not load offline markdown into Joplin? Some documents are not owned by the user, which coming from wikis, github or somewhere. The update of documents may managed by others, Joplin wont handle the modification.

I understand your use case but I don't think it is really appropriate for this application (outside of a plugin). I could understand the case for the functionality I mentioned in my post but I don't understand why you would use Joplin - which is designed to be a collection of Notebooks and Notes that you add to - to be a simple .md viewer with no intention to add the files to your collection.

A text editor like VSCode or Atom seems far more suited to this. You simply load a folder, which displays the entire folder/file tree and just click through the files you want to read. I believe VSCode allows you to toggle markdown viewing out of the box and Atom has a bunch of plugins that allow you to enable markdown previews. You can run comprehensive searches against all the files within that "project".


Joplin is designed to use notes stored in a database and searching content outside of that database is not possible so far as I know. On more than one occasion in my memory (and I'm a Joplin newbie) Laurent has patiently explained why editing external files was explored and rejected in Joplin's development.

I seem to recall the old Evernote Windows application would allow you to save and use hyperlinks to local files. But that would only launch whichever program Windows thought appropriate -- it wouldn't allow you to use Evernote to search inside those documents, much less track changes in them. And of course those local links would break as soon as you tried to use them from a Mac or mobile app. Which strikes me as a deal breaker right there.

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