Can I set clipper save format?

Joplin is so great tool I have used for a long time. With the growth of note size, the resources folder has taken too much space. But for some web pages, pictures are just used to beautify the page and I don't care if they are missing. Can I set when saving note as markdown, it will save only text and reference pictures from network?
Thank you!

Have you tried using “clip simplified page” option from Joplin Web Clipper? Or another idea is using Hotfolder plugin (Hotfolder Plugin) that thanks “Markdownload” add-on you should install in your browser, you can use it for capturing info from the web without using excessive space that you are not required.

I'd also appreciate an option to not save the images.

Thank you, “clip simplified page” and “Markdownload” not always select the right part I want, but Hotfolder is excellent. Though I am not quite understand it, but after installation and set the hotfolder path, I can save complete page with images as link.

use Hotfolder.