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I really love Joplin but cannot use the web interface , would you be able to let me know if the developers are considering to develop a web based version of this as well that we can have access to on the web as well ?

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AFAIK, there are no plans for a web app.

As far as I understand it, a web app is contrary to Joplin's fundamental design decision of storing your data on the local device - which means that you truly own your data and that it can be end-to-end encrypted if you choose to put in on remote storage in addition to local storage.

I would love to use Joplin as a web app, but this usually means that you store your data on someone else's servers as is the case with Evernote, OneNote, Google keep etc. A notable exception is Standard Notes which is open source and offers E2EE, but can only be used at its full potential if you pay for it. The good news seems to be that E2EE and web app don't seem to be mutually exclusive. But I can't see how Joplin could become available as a web app in the near future.

You can self-host a web app and still own your data.

Someone has already built a web app, you can find it if you look on this forum.

I have also tried building one but for now it's on hold due to life events. Not sure if I will ever finish it.

The web client that exists operates as a web frontend to the data from the terminal client.
Not sure of the design decisions clash, but helped me no end to free my notes when a client doesn't allow apps installed on laptops...

It's on GitHub, called joplin-vieweb

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