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Firstly I want to tell Big thank you for this great app Joplin version 3, especially mobile.
I use Joplin 3.0.3 (prod, android), Xiaomi Redmi Note 13, Android 14, HyperOS, on my second phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, Android 13, HyperOS.

We have the new regime of automatic changing and opening a next note. But in using with tags this regime has the bag when I edit a note the program drops to edit the note and open a new note almost immediately after beginning of editing the note. Plus dropping has gone in the folder but in the tag. And for continue working with notes with a definite tag I should choose again the tag, definite tag and after to begin edit.
In regime of note editing when I choose "Select all" the program select only a part of the note, but not the whole note, as it should be.
When I push the button "Edit a note" the note open only from beginning. It is not convenient, especially if the note more bigger then several displays. Can you fix it and set up an opportunity to open the note in the position of the note, where I push the "Edit a note". On desktop version is all OK.

Can you fix it, viz:

to set up the feature to disable automatic changing of note after editing to another in settings;
to improve working with tags (if we are working with tags we always look notes with the definite tag, but not the folder).
plus if we delete the tag, the tag deletes immediately but not after restarting like now.
plus, please, give more speed for application. And add the opportunity to change font size in the view regime of notes. It will be cool!
"Select all" works like it should be.
Set up an opportunity to open the note in the position of the note, where I push the "Edit a note".

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