I can't edit my notes on Android

I am new to Joplin so I'm not sure if I messed something up or misunderstood how it works.
So my issue is that once I created a note on my Android 11 table I can no longer edit it after I close the app and reopen it . I can start a new note but I can't add to an existing note. I have enabled encryption. I also just checked and I can edit these notes on my computer no issue and changes do sync to my tablet.
Am I missing something?

So what happens when you press on the edit button? It doesn't do anything when you type on the keyboard?

Also what version...

Thank you for your reply.
The version number is 2.4.3 i believe.
It does not seem to respond to me pressing the button. The keyboard never pops up, although I can select text but not add or edit. I was able to edit a few days ago, but not anymore.
Maybe i should reinstall ? but would that affect the sync... I'm worried ill lose the files.

I ended up reinstalling the app and it is working again. I did back up the files but I didn't need to since they are also on my computer so it all worked out. I still don't know what caused it but that's :woman_shrugging: a problem for later :man_shrugging:

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