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Hi all!
I installed Joplin Desktop and imported lots of notes and encrypted them with a strong password. I used local storage to save the files and saved them to my Google Drive.
On my phone I synced the folders (used an app to download the Joplin Folder from my Google Drive).
But the problem is, that the app seems not to be able to open the files that were synced:

Last error: Error: Could not upgrade from version 0 to 1: Error: File '/storage/emulated/0/Documents/Joplin/.sync/version.txt' does not exist and could not be created, or is a directory. Path: '/storage/emulated/0/Documents/Joplin/.sync/version.txt'

Now from file manager I can see that file. And when I rename it, the Error message actually changes:
Last error: Error: Could not upgrade from version 0 to 1: Error: File '/storage/emulated/0/Documents/Joplin/info.json' does not exist and could not be created, or is a directory. Path: '/storage/emulated/0/Documents/Joplin/info.json'

If I delete this file too, the next error message points me to this forum and points to .sync/readme.txt

If I delete readme.txt too, then the syncronization "is successful" but no notebooks are loaded.
Any ideas what could be the issue and how to handle it?

I assume you are using the filesync sync target, what version of the app are you using? The current release still has an issue with file system sync which has been fixed in the pre-release: Android pre-release 2.9 is now available (Updated 1 September)

Thanks for the quick response, that should do the trick!
However, in the meantime I switched to using Dropbox as I had some free credit left there anyways..

I tried version 2.9.2 and unfortunately I have to report it doesn't work either.
I wanted to attach the error log as text, but i can't select it as text and the error logs are stored to a protected location which i can't access on my unrooted device. So here are some screenshots with logs and proof i was using v 2.9.2.
Update: i can only upload 1 item

Here my second screen

And finally the third

I managed to get the debug text.
I noticed however that despite app info tells me its version 2.9.2, the log refers to 2.8.1
joplin debug report.txt (80.9 KB)

Does Joplin has the permission to read/write on the storage?

Yes it does

This bug has been fixed, but the release is not published.

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the lines with v2.8.1 were created when you are using the v2.8.1 app. You can see Starting application net.cozic.joplin-mobile v2.9.2 (prod) in the new lines.

Thank you, your suggestion led me to the solution even im the current dev version (2.9.2)
Although it was not as straightforward as one might think.
I copied the files to the media folder, and when changing the sync folder i got into the directory selection menu. Choosing a directory there changed the the format of the directory address.
After noticing that I changed back to the original directory as this is the one where the files are synced.
The adress now is
content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/tree/primary:Documents /Joplin

It still needed multiple tries of manually syncing afterwards, but this seems to be related to another issue. I will open a new bug for that when i have a spare 20 minutes.
Thank you so much for your efforts, wh201906!

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You're welcome

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