Odd failure with a single Joplin Android instance

I’ve been using Joplin a few weeks now. I have it on 3 PCs and 2 Android phones. Since I have an investment in Google Drive I elected to use it as a File System sync. On all the devices (including the Androids) I have the entire Google Drive folder synced. I use a nifty tool on the Androids named Drive Sync which actually downloads and syncs the Google drive contents to the device itself.

All is working well with the exception of ONE Android device.

The files are there, the system folders are there like .resource and it’s files and .sync with it’s file. I have pointed Joplin to sync there and it fails. At first it says that it can’t see or create the .lock folder. If I manually create that folder it starts then fails with a NEW error stating it can’t read the version.txt in the .sync folder - despite the fact that it’s there. A single bit file with a 1 in it.

I have all the rights setup and allowed in the Joplin app rights selection. I even looked at the ALL PERMISSIONS sub menu and it DOES have READ and WRITE access to the SD card where the Google drive folders reside.

Despite this it fails on this single Android device. My main phone does exactly the same sync to Google drive and Joplin points to it’s folder for sync and it works great. No errors at all and I can see all my notes on that phone.

I DO have all the rights for Joplin turned on, including the SD card rights.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I connected the phone to my PC and manually copied the sync folder from the PC to the phones SD card. Same results, errors. I then deleted the SD card folder and copied it to the phone’s storage, it works. So something apparently is not copacetic with the SD card reading the sync stuff VS the phones storage. Odd that it works fine to the SD card on one phone and not the other.