Local File System Sync Target Problem with Android 10

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    Android 10 (Samsung Galaxy Note 10)

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This is the new issue I observed since I upgraded my phone from Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 9 to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 running Android 10.

Here is the working setup when I was on Samsung Galaxy S8+. On my PC I setup the Joplin Desktop to sync to a local folder, say Notes. Then I sync it with /storage/emulated/0/Notes on my Phone with Syncthing. Then in Joplin Mobile I let it sync to /storage/emulated/0/Notes.

But the same exact setup failed on Galaxy Note 10. What I notice is that Joplin Mobile is read/write from /storage/emulated/0/Notes but that folder is NOT the same folder as the one synced from PC. In another word, I saw two exact same folder Notes under path /storage/emulated/0/ which is really weird.

Can someone please help me with explaining this behavior and any direction on how to address this. Thx

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One more finding, it appears the issue can be worked around. Instead of created the above mentioned folder on the Phone, if I connect the Phone to PC with USB and open the Phone storage, create the same folder there, Joplin mobile won’t create second instance of the same folder as seen before. Doesn’t seem make sense but I figure I will share what I found so far. Hope it helps those having similar issues.

Yea, Android 10 is a mess and there are also issues with Syncthing and Android 10. Google is almost as efficient as Apple to break apps.


I have the same configuration
Android 10,
Samsung note 9
Joplin 1.0.339
Synced using webdav
Probably after upgrading to Android 10
I get a banner with the following writing:
the sync target needs to be upgraded. Press this banner to proceed
But after hours nothing happens even if I have only less than 100 notes.
So what should I do?