Recent versions of Joplin for Android are bug, resulting in no synchronization

Hello, Developer
The rest of the article describes the problem I encountered when using the "File system" mode to sync . After repeated testing, I found that it is the problem of Android Joplin, the detailed test results are as follows, please confirm and fix, thank you!
1, test v1.5.4-v1.3.7 version, can not sync, error message "Could not upgrade from version 1 to version 2: Error: File '/storage/', could not sync, could not upgrade from version 1 to version 2. emulated/0/Download/JoplinSync/ info.json' does not exist and could not be created, or it is a directory. path: /storage/emulated/ 0/ Download/JoplinSync/info.json", delete info.json, the software works normally, However, the Android version does not display the desktop version of the notes as described later.;
2、Test v1.2.6 version, flashback;
3、Test v1.2.5-v1.2.1 version, can sync all the notes normally, but after the sync is finished, it faked dead and flashed;
4、Test v1.1.2-v1.1.2, everything is normal.
Other historical versions have not been tested.

-------------------------------------------------Early Problem Descriptions-------------------------------------------------------
Hi, everyone! I have installed Joplin, it's a great software, thanks to the developers for their hard work!
When using OneDrive sync, everything works fine, but OneDrive sync is too slow, and now I'm trying to sync in "File system" mode, but I'm having trouble syncing,I would like to ask for your help, thank you.
Software version description:
Desktop version (macos 10.15.6): Joplin 1.4.19 (prod, darwin);
Mobile version (Android 11): V1.4.11
Mobile Sync Directory:/storage/emulated/0/Download/JoplinSync
Synchronization Software: Syncthing (Ignore)

Problem Description:
The desktop version of Joplin creates a new notebook, and after syncing it, it is confirmed that it is stored on the phone, but when the mobile version of Joplin clicks on the sync, it is blank and nothing appears.
The test is as follows:
1、In the desktop version of Joplin, create a new notebook: "Test 1" - "hello", after syncing both ends, the mobile version of Joplin shows nothing;
2) Create a new notebook in the mobile version of Joplin: "Test 2" - "hello", after the sync between the two ends, the desktop version of Joplin completes the sync, can display "hello". ".
3、Delete or rename the notebook "Test 2" in desktop Joplin, after synchronizing both ends, the mobile version of Joplin can display the modified name, or delete the blank;
4.In desktop Joplin, modify the content of notebook "Test 2" to "hello word", then synchronize both ends, mobile Joplin can only display "Test 2" but the content of the note is blank.

Result: Notes created or modified by Joplin desktop version, but the mobile version can't read and display them.

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