BUG - Toolbar text disappears

v1.0.277, Windows 10 64bit

With WYSIWYG or Code View on, I go to Note Attachments, select Back. The toolbar text labels disappear. If I click in the Code View button, the labels come back. This happens every time.

v1.0.277, Windows 10 64bit (VM)

Opening Joplin and changing from the Ace editor to CodeMirror also triggers this but it leaves the “Code View” label. Shutting down Joplin and starting it again also brings back the text labels. If the editor is then changed back to Ace they disappear again. Sometimes the “Code View” label disappears as well.

Reproduced on Joplin desktop and portable. In both cases it was a clean install, no notes apart from default, no plugins other than default, no custom css, no sync enabled.

log.txt (12.4 KB)
Console.log.txt (45.8 KB)

This also occurs in 1.0.229.

Tried some older releases of Joplin portable. 1.0.224 is the last version where this does not happen and so it appears that this bug arrived with 1.0.226.

Hope you don’t mind but I have added “BUG” to your post title.

GitHub issue?

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This happens here too.

Seems I got a bit fixated with the editor change :man_facepalming:

Pressing the Back button from Tools > Synchronisation status, Tools > Options, Tools > Note attachments... triggers this behaviour.

Does the same on Linux Mint 20 as well.

Similar to GitHub issue Desktop: Header Bar title disappears on switching themes · Issue #2615 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub which was previously fixed.

Changing the Joplin window size (horizontally or vertically) also restores the labels.

Yes I’ve noticed this bug but since the design is going to change, and the buttons won’t have labels, I didn’t look into it.