[solved] code editor disappeared


I've been using joplin for quite some time and I always had both text editor and a kind of WYSIWG visualization. I don't see anymore the text editor and I couldn't find were I return to the old configuration. I just can see the WYSIWG version of the editor.

I can see that editor.codeView is set to false in settings.json but I can't find were I could switch that in the graphical interface.

I just did the manual correction in settings.json settings.json and seems to be ok. Now, I can switch between only WYSIWG mode and the mode that combines both WYSIWG and editor codeview.

Toggel the editor to markdown, than you can toggel the views with Str + L

Ok. Thank you very much! Now I understand. I inadvertently used ctrl-l, thinking that it may open a popup to create a link... I did not know or understand the importance of the menu option "layout button sequence" befor you pointed me to it.

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