Can the auto-updates on OSX be a bit less anoying?

Hi there, love my Joplin!

I’m aware that the current auto-update process on OSX is not ideal. I know that it can’t auto-install updates, due to some other complexities, which were kind of described here: Auto-install updates? and so I have to manually install the dmg file.

But the main issue for me, is more just how it goes about alerting the user that there is a new update available.

What about just putting a message/notification somewhere in the header, perhaps top-right corner, that just says “update available” or something like that?

You click on that, and then you get the popup message and downloads the dmg.

Because I like that it tells me an update is available, and I don’t want to turn off the option to check for updates - but I just don’t like the annoying popup in which it currently does it with, which totally breaks my workflow when I open the app to get something done.