AWS S3 Sync endlessly on joplin-desktop

Hi guys,

I’m currently using AWS S3 as backend on my joplin-desktop. I do not have much notes, but I guess it is fetching endlessly.

I’ve got around 300+ notes on my android.

But it sync’ing endlessly on my joplin-desktop

Screenshot from 2020-08-14 12-38-59

My PiHole is also reporting a surge of s3 requests at around 46k. I’ve noticed that the total number fetched is jumping every 50 once it reached at the end.

It is a Beta feature, but I think you hit this issue:

And it has already been fixed and merged a week ago. So the next release of Joplin will have the fix.

I’m glad someone already posted this bug on github and they have the fix too.Hopefully to get into the release soon. Thanks for the heads up.