S3 sync issues

  1. Getting this false error with S3 (Minio) with latest Joplin 2.6.10 on Linux:
Completed: 29/12/2021 12:42 (1s)

Last error: Error: Got metadata for path but could not fetch content: 

I can download this file from my Joplin client via S3, object exists and can be accessed using the same credentials used by Joplin. The content is encrypted and file size just few KB, in this case.

I removed all content in this bucket and uploaded notes again which didn't help - initial sync is always successful, but when I check later there's one file that cannot be fetched (different file every time I retry). Even after manual sync or restart the error doesn't go away, so I doubt it's related to timeouts or S3 too busy. I looked at sync log and there's nothing interesting in it.

This is my only Joplin client involved in S3 sync.

Anyone getting the same problem? Synchronisation Problem: Got metadata for path but could not fetch content · Issue #5434 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub was closed but with a workaround (rather than fixed or attributed to S3 server). I also could "fix it" by deleting the record, but then the note that was that file ended up in Conflicts folder, so I had to create it again, and later on I got another error about some other file that cannot be fetched. So this workaround doesn't work for me as the problem keeps coming back.

  1. iPad: I have another Joplin on iPad, but that one crashes as soon as it attempts to sync (seconds after startup) with S3, so I don't think it's involved at all.

Update: I went back to old setup and unconfigured S3 sync for time being (i.e. I won't be able to look up debug logs or try again in the near term).