Proxy support in Joplin

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Started using Joplin recently. Love it but the biggest thing holding me back is that on my work laptop when connected to the corporate proxy, I cannot sync my joplin notes (with any sync method). The best solution ive come up with is a command line alias to pull the notes down from S3 into a directory, which is then synced to Joplin.
This is less than ideal, firstly because i have to manually sync. Secondly, it is prone to mistakes, eg. if i write some notes, then do a pull before pushing, i will lose what i wrote.

Anyway, on to the solution, I have made a change locally to make the S3 implementation proxyable. It just adds a proxy to the AWS SDK.

I would like to help out and get proxy support into joplin for everyone to use (and so i dont have to build locally). What is an implementation that you would accept into the master branch?
Theres a few options:

Firstly, we could just start by supporting proxies with the S3 sync method.
Or will it only be accepted if the proxy is supported application wide?

Also, do we want the proxy settings to be taken from the HTTP_PROXY/HTTPS_PROXY env variables, or rather from a setting within the options menu?

Let me know what you think and ill see about implementing it to your requirements.
Ps. first time contributing to open source



This feature request has some fans here, including me, your post could be good news for us :slight_smile:
I’m not sure it will directly answer you questions but this github issue will give you a view of the situation regarding this feature :
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Hi I tried before and felt that the requirement was not picked up upon. Happy to read, that the use case is more common then some here thought. I believe NODE shares the Problem in general

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Hi, just started using Joplin and its so super useful to me. But now I figured out I can't use it at work because of the proxy... :confused:

But thanks for the nice tool anyways!

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Same problem for me. i Just migrated my 4k notes from evernote to realize that there is no Proxy Support :confused:

Since im using this software mostly for work its kind of a hassle ...

Would love to stay with joblin but without this feature its more a pain than a profit :´(

@fear The proxy support was implemented in v2.9.1.

You might fail to download attachments with proxy in this version. This bug will be fixed in the upcoming release.

ahh, im still running 2.8.8. In this case ill try the prerelease. Thank You for the hint!!

You're welcome.