Auto save every second like Microsoft Sticky Notes

I have autosave for every 5 minutes but I need autosave for every second like that Microsoft Sticky notes because

  1. I am a fast typer
  2. I type a lot and forget to hit CTRL+S :joy::joy:

Ok coming to the feature request, please bring this feature. Thanks

Go to the app (desktop) , press sync and look at the bottom left.
Now go and type something in a note and go back and check that same log area.

No it doesnt do anything

Sync button:

Changed a note, didnt press sync button:

Edit - I'm assuming you actually have a sync target here... Otherwise if you are just using it locally then it just saves, ctrl + s just performs a manual sync, not a save.

I have one

And can I get Google Drive and Mega on that list

What I'm getting at is the sync interval you see there is only for 'pulling' i.e. syncing your client with stuff changed on the sync target where the client you are editing in should be syncing almost instantly after any changes - i.e. 'pushing' the changes to the sync target


You really need to use the search button before blindly requesting features, these were amongst the top results when searching for "google drive" and "mega" respectively

Dont know but it is the same even after I press CTRL+S


Press ctrl+s to do a manual sync.
Type something into a note and just wait for 30s
The little log in the bottom left should hopefully indicate it synced - i.e. "Updated remoted items:1", well before the 5m "full" sync.
Does yours not do that?

Yes, it is showing that now.

Does that solve the issue for you then? It won't sync "every second" (although it will save locally instantly) but it certainly syncs far more often than every 5 mins. If you are in some kind of extreme hurry you can always hit ctrl+s to do a manual sync but I don't think I've come across an example where the default sync time wasn't fast enough, it is rare that I would 1) close Joplin fully (if at all) which would possibly prevent a sync or 2) require a note to be synced faster than 30s because I want to access it on another client instantly after typing it

  1. I sometimes keep typing a lot and I close Joplin at the last minute I will have to move somewhere. So I cant wait for 5 minutes or 30 seconds for sync.

@ShobanChiddarth I suggest you plan saving your notes ahead. For instance, if you have to move somewhere, save before you move.

Asking Joplin to save every second will have the following bad side-effects

  • every change/character you type will generate a new "version" in the history, taking space
  • Every sync shows up in log, taking space
  • Synching with the target will use your network/wifi/internet
  • Synching with the target every second may alert the sync target to block you because you take a lot of bandwith from the target
  • All above will eat up your storage space on your device and your target
  • All above will eat up network bandwith and limits
  • All above will eat up the battery of your device, should you work on a laptop/tablet/smartphone without power connected
  • All above will eat up the CPU cycles on the device where you type, so if Joplin would save every second, the GUI would get slow to respond and inconvenient to use.

Saving consciously after some work is "finished" helps using your computer and your sync target efficiently and saves energy, too. Saving - and syncing - every second would have very bad side effects listed above and is to be avoided by all means.


Exactly as @leobard wrote... unfortunately, Joplin do not have native cloud sync - it means, it have to utilise API fo service and it takes some time as well as limitation from target service (they definitely wouldn't be happy with blast of requests) and local resource usage.

I'm afraid, that for your usage you should probably use some cloud base app, like Stadard Notes what is actually designed as cloud app since beginning.

Joplin is more like "offline" app with sync of background data feature to some service.

Ok so now how do I turn off version history? Because I don't need it and I will never use it.

Its in the readme (which you should really read and look through, it has a lot of detailed information in there).

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And now I have turned off version history(by setting it to 0 days).
Now how do I sync every second?

That isn't a thing... @leobard gave you reasons as to why Joplin cannot and should not have the ability to sync every second.