Realtime sync / No sync button needed

Hi !
New user here !
I tried Evernote and Simplenote before Joplin. Both have immediate, realtime synchronization. Is it something possible to do with Joplin ? I started to sync with OneNote. Then I thought maybe only Joplin Cloud would allow that, but no.
Did I miss something ?
Is it something planned ?
I would really like an app with no "sync" button because it is done in real time.
Thank you for your attention !
Sorry if it was already asked before : i coudn't find this precise subject in the forum.

Joplin does this already to a degree, there are essentially two types of sync running at once.

  1. When you press the synchronise button or when the next scheduled run defined by the sync options in your settings (min 5 mins) begins. This is essentially a "full" sync where it both pulls all the changes from the target as well as publishing any changes made locally.

  2. Whenever you edit a note or change something within Joplin it creates a sync event shortly after the changes have been saved (with a small grace period) which "pushes" the changes you just made but does not "pull" any remote changes.

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Thank very much you for this answer. I had no idea for the 2nd sync type.
Nevertheless, I would be delighted with a real "instant sync / no sync button" solution. It would undoubtely make feel safer those - no dev like me - who comes from other apps :slight_smile: )
But I guess it is not that easy to set up if it is not already done.
:thinking: All the same, it would be a very good 'exclusive feature' to convince people to subscribe Joplin Cloud :wink:

I can remember in OneNote that the systems are so "smart" and carefree that you never know if it synced already. So I enabled, disabled sync and waited till the magic start happening. It was frustrating, I really wanted a simple "push now" button somewhere at that time.