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Hi Laurent,
I don't think my response to your answer on github does actually get delivered. So I choose this way as a less invasive way to respond.

The priorities for different development tasks are entirely with the developer. I do understand if the problems raised with attachments on all platforms aren't very high priority. I do agree.
But it surprised me when you said "I am not interested at all". Every s/w project dedicates 90% of time and effort to further develop the project. But some 10% go into cleaning up the foundations, those little boring tasks which are needed to tidy it all up, and make it look professional. And pictures and attachments are simply another one of these.
So while not every one of the little bugs I listed (in the thread "attachments - in and out") is essential, I would appreciate if you kept them on your low priority list for the future. It is hard to imagine (for a developer like me) that the fixes take a lot of effort.

No need to respond to me.
Good luck and Happy New Year.

I didn't say I wasn't interested at all, just that it's not my priority at the moment.

Also one issue with posting many bug reports like this is that maybe out of these 5 issues, one affect 95% of users, and the other 4 combined, only 5%. It's obvious the work should be done on that 95% issue. And normally we find out about his in an organic way - as users post bug reports, we learn that it affects more people, and the priority goes up.

The alternative is to setup systematic usability tests, but of course that's very expensive which is why open source projects favour the organic way. So the value is in identifying bugs or issues that actually affect many people so that we can allocate resources - that value unfortunately is missing from these 5 bug reports.

I must have misunderstood. After I had posted the table as "one bug" on github, you replied, "the problem cannot be reported as a table", I complied and split up the table into individual bugs". That this would increase the number of bug reports is only logical.
To what you say about systematic usability test, I can only agree. But the "organic way " can easily overlook a problem. Just look at the discussions on PDF/s. There people report the same problems as the ones I summarize in my table.

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