Improve Github Issue Template

As discussed here and since I’m far from the only one misinterpreting the template and still opening an issue even after reading it. This leads to friction in the community and that’s never good. Let’s brainstorm some improvements here:

From some comments around I get that no issues should be created unless it is a bug?
Maybe make the " Questions and Help" subcategory also just refer to a dev policy file.

You will still have people opening a regular issue I guess, but most likely less because.

Maybe also add another category that links to a policy for feature requests which is the most common, I guess. This policy can then detai; what the community wants from a good feature request (read the discourse first, …).

We had a feature request template as well, but people just ignored it, so now you can only create bugs on github. It is not the only project that handles issues like this. Some projects only use the issue tracker internally, some use it for everything. Some reference issues at an external tracker. Some remove the issue tracker completely.

I'm not sure what's so complicated to understand. When you hit New issue there are 2 types: Bugs and Questions. I only kept the questions so that people have information about where they can find help and additional info.

I'm always happy to improve some wording, but I am not sure what is not clear with the following:

:warning::rotating_light::no_entry: The issue tracker is not for questions. :no_entry::rotating_light::warning:

As it happens, support requests that are created as issues are likely to be closed. We want to make sure you are able to find the help you seek.

Questions and Help

Please read the documentation and FAQ first.

If you have still questions related to Joplin, please open a topic in the forum.
You can use your GitHub credentials to login to the forum.


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