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Assignment of issues to people

Hi there

I was wondering how we can deal with the open issues? I wanted to pick up an issue, but I noticed there is not really a statement showing who is working on this. Is there a standard e.g. to leave a comment saying you will look at the issue and create a PR?

Hoping you could help me out (no need for duplicate work as there are enough issues :wink: )


No real standard, duplicated work hasn't been an issue historically because there aren't enough contributors (the exception is around the GSoC application time).

Just leave a comment on whatever issue you'd like saying that you'll be working on it though. Also feel free to post about it on this forum first, especially for a more complicated issue it can be helpful to get some other people looking at your proposed solution before you commit to it.

Okay, great. I indeed noticed a lot more issues than PRs, will pick some up after I get familiar with the repo. thanks!