Attachments are not displayed or downloaded (Android)

Desktop Windows 10: 1.7.11
Mobile Android 10: 1.7.5
Sync with Nextcloud 18 (via WebDAV as noticed in "Unsupported WebDAV URL format" ERROR)

I have the problem that attachments (jpg, pdf, mp4) in notes that are generated in the Desktop App cannot be downloaded on my smartphone using the Mobile App for Android (and probably therefore not displayed in the preview). Jpgs are not displayed at all (also no placeholder ), links for pdf or other attachments appear, but when I klick on it, there is just a short "flash" and within am microsecond I can see the message "Downloading...". But nothing happens. In notes that are generated on the mobile, the preview of the attachments is visible, but if I try to share or open it (long press), I get a message "media missing in the device memory".

I assume a problem with the Mobile App accessing the device memory or SD-Card. But the app has given all permissions!? Where are the attachments or all Joplin data stored in the device memory?

There are no errors in the log, so I don't know where to search. I'm also not sure if this issue just appeared with an update or existed since ever (not using it seriously yet :grimacing:). Has anyone the same issue and/or a idea how to solve?

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When removing the app an re-installing, the problem is gone, all attachments back again. BUT: it appears again if I do a LONG PRESS on any image and click on share (nothing happens then, but AGAIN all attachments are not accessible anymore). The error log gives only the following error:

02-08T14:52:08,10,""Could not handle link long press", "Error: ENOENT: /data/user/0/net.cozic.joplin/files/b310f2e90753470888d7fe0e9eb19889.jpg: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory), open '/data/user/0/net.cozic.joplin/files/b310f2e90753470888d7fe0e9eb19889.jpg' Code: ENOENT value@[native code] value@[native code]"

Can this be reproduced by anyone? Seems to be a serious bug...

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No one with the same problem or anyone who could reproduce this behaviour? I figured out that the crash only happens if the LONG PRESS and share on jpgs is done at jpg-attachments that are attached in the mobile app. Still they are fine and synced and visible in the desktop app. All attachments that are put in from the desktop app do not have the problem! :confounded:

Just so you know someone has read your post I have tried to replicate this and failed. Using Joplin Android 1.7.5 x64 and Android 9. Long pressing a JPG attached using the desktop or mobile client opens the options. Selecting sharing opens the list of available apps. No errors.

Thanks for at least this response. However, I testet with Android 7 (old Samsung tablet) and with my sons Samsung M20 (Android 10). Same issue. The long press on attached images and go on share doesn't work. Most of the time the described problem from above, some images however have the response "file format not compatible" e.g. when share to WhatsApp. Really nerd that no one else has the problem. Sharing attachments from my notes is a key feature for me. Workaround with "open", select gallery and use share-function of the gallery is a bit sad :disappointed_relieved:. But if no one has the same problem there is no sense of posting a bug in github, isn't it?

I think it makes sense to add an issue to GH, there won't be a fast fix, but your problems may not have grabbed the attention of the devs here on the forum. Just make sure you follow the instructions and be as precise as possible.
I don't have time to follow / reproduce every one of your issues above at this moment. But if you want to go the extra mile do what I did, it helped me in the past (on similar problems): Install total commander for Android, then try again and do all your attachment operations again through TC (long press on attm. in Joplin, select TC, ...) It may not solve your problem, but gives you a better understanding where it fails. Hope this helps a little.

I have a fix for this pending review here: Mobile: Fix incorrect field name when attaching a resource from share by roman-r-m · Pull Request #4557 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I've the similar problem with Joplin Android 1.7.5. It used to work well but it lost all the attachments of all of the notes including JPG and PDF a couple days ago. I don't know what triggered this issue. I added an attachment of 53MB to a note last week on Mac (1.7.11) and synced to android, and then deleted the note. I don't know whether it relates to this issue or not.

I just cleaned up the data of Joplin Android and am doing a full sync from scratch.

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