Attachments in Android


Out of all my attachments, more than 700 are not downloaded (according to the sync status of Joplin on Android).

Almost all of my attachments are less than 4 MB.
Any idea?

Joplin android version : 1.8.5
Same on Windows

Thanks in advance

Did you set the download behaviour to "always"?

I tested all three options without success.
I wonder if it would be easier to synchronize my notes via synchthing for example.

Do you see any errors in logs?
Is encryption enabled?
Can you actually find a note that has attachments that aren't downloaded, and check what it looks like there? Maybe it's the status that isn't right.

I don't see any erros in logs.
Yes encryption is enabled
Almost all of my attachements are not downloaded so yes i found some.
A "downloads" icon appears but nothing happens when you click on it, no matter which synchronization option you choose for the attachments

Can you try this:

  • pick any of these not downloaded attachments and note its id
  • use the export profile function on Android to save your profile to a folder on sd card; check the .resources folder in the export for a file with the name matching the id
  • if it's not there, check your sync target (Dropbox, WebDAV or whatever you use) for the same file .resources/<id> (i think it may have an extension too)

The ID of the image is on the OneDrive but not in the export profile on Android

I remember there were issues with OneDrive before but not like this.

At this point, I think, your best bet is to reinstall and resync and check log for errors if the issue persists.

I have already done it without success :frowning:

Did you reinstall the app or just wiped data? I think due to Android built-in backup just reinstalling may not clean the state, you need to wipe data (but no need to reinstall)

I wiped data and reinstalled th app
I also make the "Re-upload local data to sync target" option in the windows app

Then I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe try Dropbox or WebDAV instead?

Yes, maybe it's OneDrive.
I think I'll try it with the file system and the "syncthing" application.

I can confirm I have persistent syncing problems over OneDrive, concerning encrypted attachments. I'm forced to use OneDrive to sync Joplin to my work place (Joplin 1.8.5, Windows-Desktop), and almost every single time a new attachment has to be synced in, Joplin fails to do it and remains in an inconsistent state unable to use the attachment.

Such a thing never occurs at home, where I transfer the sync folder among different devices (Windows, Android, NAS) using Syncthing.

Amazingly, Joplin syncs just fine, if I make a copy of the sync folder out of the OneDrive folder BEFORE syncing in Joplin. I therefore suspect, there is an issue with a lazy read mechanism in OneDrive, which makes Joplin trying to decrypt uncompletely transferred files, and accessing the files in the sync folder forces OneDrive to completely download them.

I literraly make the same things ... and i think i'm gonna also use syncthing for my personnal devices

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