Images & attachments cannot be downloaded to the Android app

Hi, I'm using the Joplin across all my 3 devices (computer, iPad, smartphone), and I mainly doing the editing and attaching the attachements on the computer. But recently there is some issues appear on the syncing on the android client (I'm using OneDrive to sync).

I synchronized all my notes on my Mac and the system said all the notes and attachements are synchronized, then I tried to synchronized on my phone (I'm using the latest 1.8.5 version on android 10 by the way). All the notes do synchronized on my android phone but the images and other attachments did not!

The attachments synchronization does work before, and right now only the downloading icons were shown in the notes. I checked on the sync status and it says there are 3 attachments downloading and other many attachments are pending, but I waited to let it download and nothing happened after a long time. I also changed the internet from WiFi to cellular data and nothing happened either.

I also tried to clear the app's cache and data, also uninstall and install the app again, but none of these methods improved the current condition.

I don't know if there's any bugs on synchronizations on android or any issues on my internet connection (I lived in China for most of the time, part of some services from Google or Microsoft are blocked due to the GFW), but please help me to sorted the issue out🙏

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