Any suggestions on what plugins could be created?

And on macOS pressing Fn once should bring up the emoji selector

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How about a spell-checker for the markdown editor?


Discovered this thread too late, so... I created an Idea/request post for Tavily/GPT-Researcher integration.


For "bookmark notes" create a plugin that automatically:

  • fetches/generates a description,
  • suggests tags
  • suggests other links of interest (relevant Wikipedia pages, etc)
  • and, for icing, get a capture

These actions could be available as a command and/or selectable as default options
Could be hooked with Jarvis

Folding in markdown/CodeMirror editor. There is a buggy and seemingly abandoned plugin for this: Persistent text folding in editor

@ambrt hasn't been on this forum since Nov 2021, so probably safe to assume this plugin has been abandoned. Maybe someone can pick this up, or maybe take a different approach, since this plugin's approach to text folding seems to create numerous issues related to the left gutter.

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what do you mean by "bookmark notes"? notes created using the web clipper?

if this is the case, then like any other note they can be annotated with Jarvis, which provides your first two requests. it will also suggest other notes of interest (including other clipped notes), but not external links to webpages.

what is "a capture" in this context?

Yes indeed, I was referring to the notes created with the "Clip URL" feature of the Web Clipper.

Oh oh, Jarvis to the rescue ! That may deliver more than hoped for :slight_smile:

"Capture" for "screenshot" of the page, but this is so superfluous that it may be a waste of coding resource for the community...

Thanks for the Jarvis tip :+1:

  • LanguageTool plugin
  • WebDAV calendar/to-do sidebar. I'm not a fan of the current to-do or calendar plugins, and I run a Baikal server, so it'd be nice to not switch between BetterBird (ThunderBird clone) for viewing to-dos and calendar entries.
  • Zotero Plugin
  • Native PDF markup or annotator, like what's found in the LibreWolf web browser. Logseq also has an interesting PDF usage. Whatever you highlight is copied below the PDF file in your note. Logseq's organization is horrid, though, so it's not worth using.

Check out the Zotero Link plugin.

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A plugin like the Obsidian plugin called "Media Sync" which scans the vault and download all externally linked images.

Why do we need it? As we know, the native web clipper doesn't work on mobile. But there are ways to clip a markdown file but with only externally linked images. With this plugin, we can periodically run it on the desktop to download all externally linked images.

How do you clip a markdown file to the mobile app? Maybe we can improve this workflow and automatically download the images at that point.

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Hi Laurent,

Thanks for looking into this. I use an iOS Safari Extension "ToMarkdown" which converts the current page into a markdown version, and then I copy the text into Joplin. Obviously, any linked images will remain as linked images.

I have an alternative idea: the "share" function on iOS makes a note with only the weblink in Joplin. I don't know whether it is possible, on desktop, to have a button/plugin to scan the vault (or a particular folder) and call up the web browser and the Joplin web clipper to download the contents of these notes. (Currently I do this manually, and this button can automate this process.) Thanks!

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Hello @laurent,

Stepping in as, being AFK for a week, I gave this another shot... And got pretty nice result! :slightly_smiling_face:

Using the Markdownr app on android does a nice job converting web pages to MD with nice front matter and summary options, and automatically pops up the share panel again to successfully import into Joplin mobile. Main "issue" is that no choice is given for the target folder. If that choice could be given and assets downloaded at import time, that would give us a pretty good capture solution.

If there was a more complete solution to build upon this, the Zettel Notes sharing options are surely a good inspiration as the convertion to md seems to work very well, it offers the choice of target dir (or note), and has additional sharing targets like adding to note, capturing link only... Making the closest thing to our beloved web clipper experience.

Hope it helps

Would anyone consider making an auto-scroller plugin? I've been achem liberating screenshots from guitar websites for their chords/lyrics for songs, and I'd like to keep my hands on the fretboard instead of the keyboard.

Even cooler would be a method for putting "words" above lyrics, something like this (I'm a sucker for love songs, don't judge me):

C        C/B      Am     G/B
  I'm  half  way  gone 

C        C/B      Am
  Sleepless  I'm  battle  worn

F                        G
  And  you're  all  I  want

F                        G
  So  bring  me  the  dawn

For placing chords above lyrics, try the ABC Sheet Music Plugin with the top answer from the link below:

If that doesn't work for you, the forum thread mentions workarounds including tables, code blocks (like what you posted), etc.

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