Plugin repo

Would it be possible to implement a plugin repo as sublime/atom have, so “anyone” can upload themes and plugins to extend the functionality further?
I think it would help make it even better.


I’ve suggested the same thing a while back. I’m afraid such a plugin system might not be that easy to implement.

I think it’d make joplin a lot more popular and a lot more functional and it would make focus the efforts on the base functionality of the app rather than trying to extend it because that would be done via plugins. I like how qownnotes has its script repo for example.

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I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just saying that there are more pressing issues on the list right now. I can only hope and wish that such a plugin system will be part of Joplin at one point in the future.

I have to agree with simo3o! I started using Joplin recently and I love it, except for the fact that it feels quite confined in what you’re allowed to do with your notes.
@tessus is right in saying that a fully fledged plugin system would probably be quite a lot of effort to implement. It could however save effort in the long run by empowering the community to contribute features that are not suited for everyone as it might be a niche use-case, etc.

That said, I think a “MVP” in plugin support would be a configuration switch to allow custom JS in the Notes section. That would allow “power-users” to do a lot, while being quite easy to implement (I think anyway!), as the Notes section is just a Electron rendered Webpage anyway.

That’s a good idea, just by enabling JS in a script tag would open a lot of possibilities.

or the proverbial can of worms…

I second @simo3o having plugin systems as mid/long term, and may be start with enabling JS as @talkdirty suggest

could we imagine a cloud of tags for instance ?
Or an OCR plugin to search for words in picts ?


Perhaps we got to a point where the Joplin core applications already has all the main features, and new stuff should be developed as plugins.