Any suggestions on what plugins could be created?

I'd like to be able to click a button on the toolbar which would give me note statistics. Just to save a click.

There is already a command palette option for this, so you wouldn't even need to take your hands off the keyboard. Type Ctrl Shift P and then start to type "statistics" (for me it comes up just at "stat"). Hit enter and then it pops up. But, yes, if your hand is already on the mouse then this won't help.

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Hi, I am using Confluence for a quite a while and I found a very usefull plugin there. If I have it in Joplin I even ready to pay for the development.


I have many checkboxes in many notes/todos with a syntax:

Note X

Some text...

  • [ ] @mention_asignee //YYYY-MM-DD Something that should be done 1

Some text...

Todo Y

Some text...

  • [ ] @mention_asignee //YYYY-MM-DD Something that should be done 2

Some text...

I want to see them collected from all notebooks in a table with filters:

- [ ] Task Asignee Due Source
- [ ] Something that should be done 1 mention_asignee YYYY-MM-DD Note X
- [ ] Something that should be done 2 mention_asignee YYYY-MM-DD Todo Y

The table should have features:

  • Filters for all columns
  • Hide, unhide done checkboxes
  • Sorting for all columns
  • Checking checkbox in Table column is checking checkbox in the source
  • Changing date in Table column is changing date in the source
  • Source note/todo should be clickable

It allows me to have a track on all tasks I have in my notes. And control my teammates and my work.

It would be a very nice feature for a project management and team collaboration. It is an excellent feature for teamwork development of Joplin.

If needed I can demonstrate how it works in Confluence. And again, I can pay for a development, I really want this plugin in Joplin.

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I tried Note list and sidebar toggle buttons plugin, I can toggle sidebar and note list, but I can’t toggle editors. One button more would be great for showing only tasks in the note list.

Or perhaps xml rendering, this would enable import of all major notating programs and could perhaps easier implied.

The more I'm using Joplin, the more I directly use my notes when doing presentations (skipping the tedious work to create slideshow), scrolling down....
It would be nice to be able to create notes as slides (using separator I guess) and possibly display them in a separated window. Which would be useful when using a dedicated presentation screen, and would allow the presenter to edit the slide "live".
Thanks for all the work done by the community.

For people from the future, here's some suggestions how to develop such plugin and how to workaround it via vscode


I'm not sure if the plugin @graphit0 linked uses it, but the syntax does kinda look like Marp.

Maybe it could work for you, @bruncha?
Write the note in Marp, then open it in some other app that can display it as a presentation?