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Plugin support in Joplin 1.4

The plugin system has been part of Joplin since the previous version, however it was still a bit unstable. In the latest version we're getting a bit closer to production-ready state. The plugin API in particular has been significantly expanded, based on the developer feedback, so that more types of plugin are possible now, and indeed a few plugin concepts have started appearing on the forums. In particular all this could be done now:

  • Access notes, folders, etc. via the data API
  • Add a view to display custom data using HTML/CSS/JS
  • Create a dialog to display information and get input from the user
  • Create a new command and associate a toolbar button or menu item with it
  • Get access to the note currently being edited and modify it
  • Listen to various events and run code when they happen
  • Hook into the application to set additional options and customise Joplin's behaviour
  • Create a module to export or import data into Joplin
  • Define new settings and setting sections, and get/set them from the plugin
  • Create a new Markdown plugin to render custom markup.
  • Create an editor plugin to modify low-level the behaviour of the Markdown editor (CodeMirror)

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