Android, web clipper options

Sorry but I cannot find the web clipper options on Android 7.1.1
Web clipper doesn’t detect service.
Perhaps I am just to dumb to find the menu?

there is such option.
use “share” option available from any app
this will create a note with the link from the app/page from which you’ve triggered the “share” action

Share works all right. I was using the web clipper addon in firefox which doesn’t work because it doesn’t see a Joplin service.
If this is the current state on android you should add a remark in the web clipper help-page.

Any news on that?
Does it work in Firefox?
I tried Kiwi Browser (Chromium), the add on is installed but webclipper does not find Joplin

As a substitute for a clipper I save a page in Firefox Android with an add-on called SingleFile. Then share/save the resulting .html file in Joplin. Works, but I wish there was a way to share the local .html file open in browser tab straight from the browser (more here).