Save Webpages on IOS

Does anyone know how can I save webpages from Safari into Joplin in Iphone?


I miss this too :+1:t3:

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The web clipper add-ons are only available for Chrome and Firefox. And afaik the add-ons do not work on mobile.

Since then, any hope to see a clipper for iPhone?

This would be a killer feature for me too. Then I could finally use Joplin to bookmark and tag webpages across all my devices :slight_smile:

Would it theoretically be possible to enhance the Joplin iOS app to add a "Joplin" option to the share sheet in iOS Safari?


How to get the web clipper add-ons?

I was looking for something similar. I use RSS and sometimes I want to save an article content. I suppose joplin for android (in my case, android) should do a "link2markdown" conversion when it detects a link has been shared

I wish the mobile app would offer that function too. Many of us are spending a lot time with our mobile and so it‘s evident in my eyes, that we will try to save websites etc. to Joplin also via mobile. But none likes to upload a link from mobile in a first step and then clip the same website on desktop later in a second step. Just to have it in the notes.
So it would be a big step forward for Joplin as a note taking solution.