Sharing to Joplin on Android - what types of content to support?

I’m working on sharing to Joplin on Android, got it working for text (, what other content types should Joplin support? Images, obviously, what else are people storing in Joplin?



.pdf, .ogg, .html

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Interesting, do you have an example on how to share html? I tried multiple times from different apps but was getting text/plain every time.

And now I remember I also have a few pdfs as attachments.

Instead of a web clipper I save a page in Firefox using SingleFile add-on. Would like to share that to Joplin without a big effort.

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Not sure if that’s going to work - I think if you share from firefox on android it will only share the url, not the content and this is sent as plain text.

The SingleFile add-on saves a page as a local file and shows it immediately in a new tab. Sharing straight from there would be optimal

But actually being able to share .ogg (audio file from my voice recorder) would be the most useful option, personally.


I have tried that SinglePage extension and for some reason Firefox does not allow me to share such saved pages at all – the share button is disabled. Is it enabled for you?

One way to achive what you want would be to share page url from Firefox and then have Joplin fetch the content (what apps like Pocket do) but that’s somewhat different feature.

On the plus side receiving ogg files is fairly trivial.

Good to hear about oggs!

Yes, I see the same disabled button. However, being a noob in code etc., I just wished you could solve that, as well :slight_smile: .

Actually, it is not such a big effort to open File explorer>Downloads and share the .html from there. Hence a new request: Enabling share any file from File explorer to Joplin.

Is it within sight that we could choose the notebook when sharing?