Mobile webclipper companions

Here are some tools that replicate webclipper functionality

Android app: Markdownr - readability middleman

WorkFlow is 2 step process:

  • share the page to the application from a browser
  • select Joplin

iOS webclipper companions

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The drawback is that it's using Readability to process the page, which is not always reliable (that's why the Joplin clipper has both the "simplified" and "full" options). It also won't work with JS-heavy pages or those that require login, but still it's quite useful to grab simple pages.

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The app has been updated: it features an option to add source URL at the beginning of a note


Beautiful app. This should be incorporated as a web clipper for Joplin.

Did you take inspiration in Firefox's Reader View?

Firefox's functionality is sufficiently reliable as to be a default, given the fact of what it is intended for. Maybe we shouldn't have a web clipper for Joplin but Joplin's "Text Clipper"? Joplin's "Reader Clipper"? I hope the idea is clear. I think it is a good one, and we are fortunate to have this app already developed.

To be clear, I am not an author of the app. Moreover, the author never intended to use it as a Joplin clipper, nevertheless it works sufficiently well. I just thought to share it with the community.

Text clipper and reader clipper is unfamiliar to me. Links and descriptions would be helpful.

iOS (safari extension): ToMarkdown - readability middleman

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