Android > Sync Notebooks from Phone to empty Nextcloud (new Server)

OS: Android 8.0
App Version: Joplin 2.8.1
Nextcloud 24.0.7

Situation: The old server is dead. On the PC and on the phone I continued to write notes into Joplin. Now I have a new Nextcloud instance and wanted to sync all my notes from the phone to the empty nextcloud server. Appearantly Joplin only want to synchronize from the Server to the phone.

Is there a way, that the synchronization takes what is on the phone and sync this to the server?

Goal: Sync notes from the phone to the server and then sync notes from the PC to the server and merge them.

I asked a similar question here: Nextcloud crashed, Joplin data gone 😱! Restore from "local" possible? - #6 by janklostermann

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