Sync from android

hello community

i ran into a severe loss of data after having suffered a mysterious disappearence of notes and subesequent sync problems. as a result of that i lost both the data on my nextcloud as well as on the client on my local computer (linux debian). the only location which has the complete data is my android phone on which i use joplin 1.0.276.

since i don’t want to risk losing this data as well, i want to be very careful.

first, is there a possibility to do a file export or backup of the data on the android? if yes how?

second, how can i do a sync from scratch to my nextcloud? i deactivated the syncronization on the phone and deleted the joplin folder on the nextcloud. is it safe to reactivate the nextcloud syncronization again?

thanks for your support!

There’s an option to export profile (in Configuration somewhere) but it’s broken in the current version. It’s been fixed since but not yet released, I belive.