Android share and send functionality

I know that this was brought up a year ago… but is there any progress, or planning, around expanding the ability on Android to send files to Joplin? I’d like to send images, Camscanner documents, and other files directly from those apps into Joplin.

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It looks like this kind of functionality isn't very far off. Joplin currently uses a library to handle sharing on android (because this is difficult task). That library had some issues which meant sharing image, pdf, etc. wasn't working correctly. But it looks like the project has new maintainers now that are dedicated to getting this working, so we might not have to wait much longer to get this functionality :slight_smile:

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Is there a particular person I could follow up with?

Maybe one of the maintainers of react-native-share-extension? I’m the person who did the minimal integration but I don’t know enough to actually fix the bugs with this project.

Circling back to see if there’s any news. It’s incredibly limiting for Android users.

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I just checked the link from my previous reply and it looks like there’s been no action. Sorry

No updates?

No, we even had to remove the share-extension completely, due to the react-native update.

Please direct your complaints and feedback to the author of the share extension. If you find another solution we are all ears. It’s also a project for GSoC, so let’s hope somebody picks it up.

I don’t know what those words mean, exactly, but it sounds untenable.

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Who is the author of the share extension?

Caleb already posted the link to it twice in this thread, but here it is again: