Sharing Images

Sometimes I sketch out blog posts on Joplin Mobile, adding camera photos to hte future post. When I Share the note via email images don’t get sent, just the links to file rather.

It would be cool if I could share images separately or perhaps, when sharing a note with email, images get attached as separate files.


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I just tried this on Android version 1.0.316 and get the same results (text with an internal joplin link to the file).

I expected to be able to share the note with attachments.

The current implementation of sending the plaintext works sufficiently for text only notes with little to no formatting and no attachments. However, if the note has a lot of formatting or at least one attachment, users most likely want to share the rendered note rather than plaintext. And finally, the internal links are not useful outside the context of Joplin and may be confusing to the recipient.

Sending a rendered version with attachments would be very useful. One option might be to allow rendering (or exporting) the note as a PDF and then users could share that instead. Ideally both sharing options (rendered or text) would be available.

Has there been any previous research or work towards a solution for this problem?

If you’re both on Android, a lot of newer models allow screenshotting the entire page, meaning you could screenshot the note and send it as an image via email, but iOS doesn’t seem to have that. Beyond that, I know there’s been a small handful of posts about fixing the mobile share functionality here, but I’m not 100% sure how far any of it has gotten. I seem to remember that @tessus had something to do with this.

I totally agree with all of you. Unfortunately we depend on a native module for this functionality.

Would going through a lot of these old posts and flagging them for closure so people who are searching like has been requested here don’t accidentally stir them up be useful here? I’d be more than willing to help with that. Tagging you was a bad judgement call on this one.

Yes, this would certainly help. I used to mark duplicates as such, closed the topic and referenced the original. But there are so many posts that I can’t handle them all anymore.

Not really. I knew exactly where I had to look to find the other topic.

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