Sharing to Joplin on android no longer creates a new note

  • version: android-v1.0.319-rc1 (although it started happening around android-v1.0.317 I think)
  • Android 10, Nexus 3

The behavior used to be:

  1. Open an app capable of creating text/plain shareable text
  2. Choose Share
  3. Choose Joplin as the destination
  4. Joplin launches with a new note containing the text that was shared

Recently, the behavior is that Joplin launches, but no note is created

Since it doesn’t produce an error I don’t have the experience to know how to start debugging what might be happening. It acts like maybe an event handler got misplaced.

I am able to run experiments if given direction, I just don’t have the direction and would prefer not to litter console.log statements everywhere if the fix is obvious to someone else

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Unfortunately this functionality is disabled for now as the module we were using is no longer maintained and no longer works with the latest framework. We’ll keep on eye on alternative sharing modules and try to restore the functionality as soon as possible.

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Thank you for replying, and I'm really sorry to hear that. I used that share behavior no less than 15 times a day to capture things I wanted to read or download for later into Joplin from all the other apps, and my current work-around is to share once to grab the info via copy-to-clipboard and then share again to launch Joplin so I can do the note capture by hand :cry:

Is there any way I can help?

Is the upstream package aware of the problem?

I believe they’re aware but they’ve been having trouble getting an active maintainer. Additionally it’s just not a very active project so the support is low.
Realistically I think the only thing you could do would be to volunteer to pick the project up (potentially fork it) and give it the love it needs.

Do you happen to have the name and/or a link to the repo? I will be glad to look into it

The thread to follow I guess but no solution yet:

The issue if I remember well is that the module doesn’t compile anymore, so someone knowledgeable might be able to figure it out. Maybe just some package to rename or option to set somewhere.

Sharing is a really key feature… Struggling without it too… Is it an option to use any alternative instead of the broken dependencies to get it fixed?

BTW, thank you for the great app!

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Most of the react native sharing libraries I’ve found have been focused on Social Media sharing and not sharing like was previously implemented in Joplin. The one Laurent alluded to above was the only one that seemed made for just sharing between apps and has been fully abandoned.

Using markdown editor markor i can share and insert the text or url inside a note.
I’m not an expert but maybe you can check the solution they use

If the Joplin team is looking to replace the previous sharing tech altogether, then, maybe, it would even possible one happy day to gain a mobile web clipping function as well?

I know at the moment the architecture requires a lot of code to be built into the browser-based clipper and then invoke a desktop Joplin API just to submit an already converted text to a new note, but I wonder if this could be thought through at least with regards to adding mobile apps into the workflow.

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They don’t use react-native. Thus unfortunately it doesn’t help at all.

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I’m looking forward to contributing to this very project!

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Even some basic sharing functionality (e.g. text, or url) would be helpful as initial fix. Currently you have to copy/paste switching between apps…

This lib is for sharing from a react native app not to it.

Thanks… I hate when we are stuck like this. Pff.

And by using Intent-filter or deep-linking

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Looking at that thread today, someone seems to have gotten it to work with another package:
They’re using

Thanks for an awesome tool!