GSoC Idea - Sharing on mobile

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As of the moment, I’m writing this, the idea’s description of is:

The mobile application allows sharing text from any application to Joplin. However it is not currently possible to share images or to share selected text with Joplin. We would like to allow sharing an image or file from any application to Joplin. And to allow selecting some text in an application (in a browser for instance) and share it with Joplin

Expected Outcome: Share images and selected with Joplin

Difficulty Level: Moderate
Platforms: Mobile (iOS and Android)
Skills Required: JavaScript; React; React Native
Potential Mentor(s): CalebJohn, laurent22
More info: Mobile - Add share menu #876

I have studied some basics of adding images from the gallery into the app. It is done basically with a react native image picker library

Through integrating the react native share library the joplin app can appear in the share menu apps list. I really want to contribute through GSoC for the Joplin Organization. If you find my suggested way preferable I could come up with the proposal in detail.