Android - Send to Joplin

Is there a way to “Send to Joplin” on Android? I’m using Android 7.0 and would in particular like to be able to send scanned documents from Camscanner to Joplin.


Nope, not yet. But there’s a feature request open:

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On Android ability to share audio clips straight from a recorder to Joplin would ease my work flow the most because there is no native recorder in Joplin. But is this a long shot because of how the sharing is on Android?

From the Joplin side it’s not that difficult to support additional types (comparatively). But there is a bug in the library that Joplin uses so it can’t be added until the bug is fixed upstream.

Thanks for a quick reply! So, it's the same kind of thing in principle as with the resources limited to 10 MB on Android? And as uncertain if anything will ever happen up the stream somewhere :slight_smile: .

Out of curiosity and because I'm new to this kind of stuff: Could anyone point me to a couple of good references to these upstream libraries and their development in general, please.

Here is a link to the project github page where all the development happens. here is a pull request that probably has the features we will need.

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You can check out the following 2 package.json files, which include all dependecies:



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