Android - joplin sync folder permission error on sd card (not adopted storage!)


i'm trying to select sync folder on sd-card, but i get an error (folder permission)
in the "intern" storage it works.
i have searched for hours, but cannot find a solution.

i want to sync files with sd.card and not on cloud.

hope someone know a solution.

thank's and regards,

Hello, I just found a way to have sync folder on sd-card.
My sync-folder is on sd-card:
As I know from my navigation APP the "Media" folder has not the same restrictions as "data".
It works for me with Android 10, but in the forum of the navigation APP I heard it works with Android 11 too.
As I am switching from Evernote set my sync folder to a folder on the PC, imported the enex files, synchronized with the folder on PC and copied the files to SD card Android\media\net.cozic.joplin- After inserting
the sd card in the smartphone and setting sync folder respectively it worked
In future, I will sync via Google drive.