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i somewhat unseriously tried using joplin a while ago, this time I'm migrating from evernote but from previous test i had ecnrypted and webdav, i want to remove that old stuff. you see the screenshot?

1 - to the left is my file manager (this showing my pcloud) and you see all those .md files? is that joplins handywork cluttering up the root folder? is there anyway to make that a bit cleaner, put everything in a folder maybe?

2 - you see my android phone in the middle? it's talking about the encryption i don't use and want to remove, the most righ window is the desktop joplin and it's the same there.

After i (hopefully) clean up sync storage location in pcloud and remove the remnant encryption stuff i wonder how have other people who migrated years worth of notes gone about the easiest and most complete way of moving over from evernote to joplin faired and what process, tools etc did you use? what are some pitfalls etc? I'm kinda nervous shifting over so much data to an unproven (alltough probably superior) note taking system such as joplin.

screenshot as refered to:

In that case, it's probably better to start over from scratch by deleting your profile (~/src/.config/joplin-desktop) and the content of your WebDAV server.

Also the Evernote importer has been improved significantly over the past several months so make sure you download the latest Joplin version.

pls tell me i don't have to delete everything, i have manually created 6 years of stacked notebooks in preperation for importing the actual notes.

I thought you were starting over and importing all your notes, that's why I've suggested deleting the profile first. Otherwise, what's the issue? Import your notes, delete what you don't need, etc. I'm not sure what else there is to do?

You can just export your current notebook as JEX file (export all - Jex) and start over, obviously make sure you back your originals before everything. You can use a subfolder for the sync target that way you will have clean root folder.

ewebdavpcloudcom/subfolder_Example like so for pcloud?

gah! this website forum won't allow me to have links. that'll make things harder in the future, for sure.

Just use inline code blocks for links
And yes, just make a folder within your pcloud and set that as the path in Joplin.
These are the nextcloud instructions for Joplin but you follow the same instructions for any WebDAV target.

Select the "WebDAV" synchronisation target and follow the same instructions as for Nextcloud...

Then input the WebDAV URL (to get it, click on Settings in the bottom left corner of the page, in Nextcloud), this is normally ( make sure to create the "Joplin" directory in Nextcloud ),

oh ok cool, Thank You! web dav is completely new to me. so happy i got life time for pcloud now, even more use out of it :smiley:

sorry, must have misunderstood you. i did what you said and everything i opened this thread about has been solved.

Thank You! guys.

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