Completely Uninstall (including notes/synchronization)?

Hello, I really like Joplin,and would like to continue to use it as an Evernote replacement.
Initially, I just needed to test, so created some notes, set up sync options, encryption etc.

Now that I really want to start using it, my questions are,

  1. How to completely uninstall joplin on both Windows and Linux? That should include previous notes as well.
  2. When I encrypt in Windows app, and start Linux->Joplin, I see notes as ‘encrypted’ with no way to unencrypt those.
  3. Where is Windows and Linux is local notes stored?
  4. I chose Dropbox as my remote folder. But in Dropbox I don’t see ‘/Apps/Joplin’. Is the location changed?

TIA for any help.

Open the desktop app, and go to the Config screen. On top it will tell you where is your profile folder. Simply delete it, and that will remove all local data.

You need to wait till the master key is downloaded. At that point, you'll be prompted to enter your password. Make sure to read the doc before enabling E2EE:

It should be in /Apps/Joplin, maybe check again. Did you actually successfully sync?


Thank You, Laurent. Appreciate your responses. They are all accurate.