Android app has no notebooks or images?

I'm new to Joplin. Imported my notes from Evernote ENEX files on Windows 10 desktop (version 2.11.11) which worked fine. Then synchronized to Joplin Cloud. However, when I installed the Android app (version 2.11.32) and synchronized to Joplin Cloud only the notes were downloaded in a flat list, but none of the Notebook groupings. Also there are no images in the notes...only a giant downward pointing arrows. Is this expected? If so would be a deal-breaker to continue using Joplin.

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Thank you for letting us know! This is not expected behavior.

Things to try:

  • Clicking the sync button again (first on desktop, then after sync completes, on Android)
  • Verifying that the time/date on the android device is correct
  • In Joplin's settings on the Android device, changing "Attachment download behavior" from "Auto" to "Always" and clicking "sync" again.
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