Amazing work

Hats off to the developer - this is one of the most polished, well managed, best developed open source projects I've ever seen, and the app is close to perfect at what it does.

Just signed up to voice my appreciation.

Also laurent indicated in another thread from a couple of years ago that github sponsors was likely the best middleman for processing donations as they didn't take any cut, but that it was likely to be changing in the (at the time) near future. Is it still the case that github takes the smallest cut among the available payment processors? (patreon, paypal)


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Hopefully someone would correct me if I'm wrong but aside from github sponsors, transferring via IBAN might be cheaper. It depends on the terms with your bank though.

Paypal 1,5-3% + 0.39 EUR flat + conversion fee if you send non local currency.

Patreon charges 5-12%

I share your view on Joplin, although I cannot say anything about the quality of code. And your posting made me do what I should have done already. :money_mouth_face: As I am in the European Union, the cheapest way for me a is direct transfer of money to Joplin/Laurent via my bank account using IBAN. No costs for none, so 100% earning for Joplin. (BTW One of the nice benefits of EU is IMHO the single euro payment area. :eu:)

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Unfortunately I don't live in a country that has adopted IBAN. So I'm left with paypal, patreon, or github

But I found a couple of github help docs (new user, so can't post links yet :roll_eyes:) which state, "GitHub Sponsors does not charge any fees for sponsorships from user accounts, so 100% of these sponsorships go to the sponsored developer or organization."

So it looks like I'll be donating through github :slightly_smiling_face:


I'm not sure if things have changed on GitHub Sponsors. PayPal fees can be quite surprising especially for small amounts. For example if someone donates $1, PayPal takes $0.38 for themselves, that's almost 40%!

Edit: Actually it's a minimum flat fee. I found a $0.50 donation and in that case the fee is also $0.38, so they take 76% in this case.

@scottjoplin (what a username! :smiley: ) I also donate through GH, but haven't checked whether the rules changed lately. Seems all is well. Thanks for the update. :slight_smile: