PLEASE view this post ! Donate please and keep it alive

I've been using Joplin for a month or two. It's a great little app and I think the Joplin development team deserves a few thumbs up.

This said, I think we, all users, should make an effort end of this year, each of us donate, make a little contribution, and say thank you in a more tangible way. This will certainly help this great little app to survive.

Best Regards to all of you !


I think that is a great idea, if only we could donate to the dev team and not to a financial service. Any ideas devs?

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Take a look at the Donating document. You have 2 options that don't require fees. If you have a European bank you can make a deposit directly using the BIC/SWIFT account number or IBAN. You can also sponsor the project on github, because github pays all the transaction fees meaning 100% of your donation will go to this project!


Thank you @CalebJohn, I will certainly check this out. All the best

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Trying to keep this in sight for a few days.

Checked out and sorted. Once again, thanks for the tip @CalebJohn

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Trying to keep this in sight for a few days.

Trying to keep this in sight for a few days,
aiming for 500 views on the counter.

With over 17,000 views of the FAQ, one should be able to get 1,700 views on this reminder, don't you think ?

275 today, waiting for another 16,725 ...

Hi, thanks for the support, I appreciate but I'm not certain bumping this thread for 61 more days will make a huge difference. Any other idea on how to promote donations is welcome though.

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Let me give it a try, it can't hurt.
Of course if you prefer not, just delete the thread and I won't revive it - promised.

Better ideas ? Not sure you haven't had them before I even started thinking about it. I think users simply don't see how much work goes into these developments. And if you explain it outside the app, they just won't see it. And inside the app (banners etc.) it's nothing but annoying. I don't think there is a gentle, working solution. But users do need to be made aware of the effort behind the scenes.

Well, may be... I have learned one lesson about donations over time. So may be this helps. Users prefer 'specific' requests, meaning they may ignore a request for a "small donation", and be willing to contribute 1$ or 5$ (per month, per year, whatever) if you clearly say that this is what you want. Otherwise they think about 10, 20 , 30 .... and can't decide. Finally, they don't at all.

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359 and counting

413, not bad for a title and a stud

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What I've come across increasingly often is the idea to tie an amount of donation to some specific "action / thing". So the reader gets a better sense of what impact small / large donations actually have.
NGOs use it in the form of "For 15$, we can provide school equipment for one child", "For 65$, a classroom can be equipped with XYZ", ...

However, I have not yet seen a convincing adaptation of this for OSS. The default "2.50$ buy me a cup of coffee" is nice, but I'm rather thinking in more concrete terms. Maybe some more details could be added to the donation page, like "15$ pay the hosting costs for a month", "60$ allow fixing one or two bugs" etc.?

Not sure if this is the way to go, but now the thread has been bumped for today :sunglasses:

I suggest a new category "donation" or another name in the forum.
And each donor could request for one or more feature and offer an amount for it, 1 to infinite... €/£/$
Laurent or a dev from the Joplin project decide if they accept the request or not.
For the small amount the user makes the donation when the request is accepted.
For the larger amount and development the payment could be monthly.
If the development fails because too difficult, the donor could decide if he is refunded or not (keep the donation to the dev).

Maybe some coding bounty website would help for this? It's been discussed before, but it's not clear what website could be used.

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@philip-n's comment seems quite sensible in that it associates a donation with a possible benefit that would support the project and its "community".

Not so sure about @Dino's suggestion that users can "buy" features. I am certainly no expert on legal and finance matters (or even an enthusiastic amateur) but my gut-feeling says that any "purchase" comes with an obligation. It would be the same for purchasing a "support package" which has been mentioned elsewhere.

Basically, when people buy something specific there needs to be a contractual arrangement that would clearly set out all terms and conditions before money changed hands (Probably involve lawyers so any donations currently being received would likely end up there! :slight_smile: )

Problems may seem unlikely but I have met people who seem very reasonable but, where money is concerned, would be applying to a court as a matter of first resort if there was any disagreement.

Then of course there's HMRC*...

*=The"Tax Man"

For them donations are like any other income so they are already having their cut :grimacing: