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Donation preferences (and some praise)

My smartphone is slowing down considerably. Everything takes more time and lags more often. Except Joplin: the recent wizardry with syncing and other issues made it waaay better, and where I had trouble using Joplin on my phone at all (it was the laggiest app I had and sometimes getting to a specific note took literaly minutes), it now works as a breeze. So thanks! I guess I should pitch in a few bucks again. Which brings me to my question:

@laurent, if I wanted to donate, do you have a preference whether I should use PayPal or Patreon, If the total donated amount was the same?
On one hand, with PayPal, you get all the money now.
On the other, with Patreon, you have a steady stream which is more predictable and easier to plan with.
(Not to mention I have no idea how much money either of those two will take for themselves.)

Thanks to you and all the other contributors for your work!


I have the same exact question! Thanks @zblesk.


Thanks for the support! And glad that the mobile app is working better for you now. There was a lot of unnecessary redrawing, among others, that were slowing things down before.

For donation, I have a preference for Patreon but it’s up to you really, I appreciate it in any case. I’m not sure which service has the highest fee actually but that’s a good question and I’ll check at some point.

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